Maintaining your physical health and integrity becomes a significant concern as you age. The more limited range of motion and flexibility in your joints, muscles, and bones create various challenges. However, regular exercise can help you overcome several day-to-day obstacles.


Don’t worry if you never exercised frequently because you can always “start fresh” and still benefit from physical activity. You can incorporate exercise at any stage, irrespective of age or physical strength level.


How much exercise you need will be up to you and your physician. If you are 65 or over, aim for 2.5 total hours of moderate exercise each week. It does not have to be weight lifting; even a simple brisk walk or stretching exercises help.


The COA’s Group Fitness Classes are designed to combine various exercises to help build your strength and core stamina while enhancing your flexibility and balance. Group Fitness Classes also provide socialization and offer the benefits of connecting with like-minded people in your local area. Companionships like the friendships you build in group fitness classes or with a personal trainer allow you to enhance your life and improve your life physically and mentally.


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Front Street Crossing


• Cardio Challenge

• Balance, Stretch, and Stability

• Tai Chi


• Strength Training & Core


Lowe Center


• S.E.A.T.

• Strong and Stable

• Balance, Stretch, and Stability


• Yoga


Take one class, or take them all for just $25!

COA Staff