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Why Volunteer?

One of the best reasons to volunteer at the Cass County COA is because you have the chance to become part of a wonderful community of people who enjoy helping others.  There are many ways to offer your talents and time at the COA. The opportunities range from helping at the front desk, serving in the dining room, delivering meals to the home bound, providing medical transportation, building wheelchair ramps and so much more.


A few of our volunteers shared how they feel about volunteering at the COA.



Katherine Yoder
Meals on Wheels & LC Front Desk Reception (Volunteer since 2021)


“I love the interaction with people, and sometimes discovering a new friend. Developing relationships extends your family.”

Roberta Woodruff
FSC Front Desk Reception (Volunteer since 2012)


“I really love making people feel welcome and showcasing all of the great programs and services we offer in Dowagiac when I give tours of our facility. I’ve met so many new people and made wonderful friends while volunteering.”

Richard & Joyce Borton
Meals on Wheels (Volunteers since 2021)


“It’s nice to be able to get out and meet new people. But interaction does become limited when the weather is a challenge. To make drop-offs easier, some places have food coolers available.”

Shirley Guilford
LC Front Desk Reception (Volunteer since 2014)


“I enjoy working with the staff. It is a great way to interact with other seniors and I enjoy socializing. I like to work and I choose just 1 day per week.”

Jim Hershberger
Meals on Wheels (Volunteer since 2021)


“I enjoy working with Cheryl, the Director for the Meals on Wheels program. She is approachable and accommodates everyone that she can.”



What makes a successful volunteer? 

Today may be the day you have decided to do something meaningful in your spare time. The Cass County COA has a variety of areas where your talents can be put to use.  Being a volunteer means that you understand that flexibility is the name of the game as life is unpredictable. If you come with a heart ready to learn and work with us in accomplishing our goal of “Enhancing Life,” then you are definitely on the road to being a successful volunteer.


You will be able to log in your hours each time you participate. These hours translate into dollars saved by the COA and allow us to make the best use of funds. We would be pleased to discuss our current volunteer needs and help you join a community of like-minded people who desire to give back.



Programs & Activities

The Cass County COA offers a variety of programs that benefit greatly from volunteers.  Do you like to play a musical instrument? You can be a part of our weekly sing-a-long. If you have a talent for arts & crafts, we are looking for those who will teach and share something new. The COA also has a variety of intergenerational programs that involve young people of all ages. Being a volunteer and a mentor for any of these activities allows you to play a critical role.


Dining Room Volunteers

The Cass County COA is a congregate meal site that offers our customers an opportunity to meet new or old friends and engage in social activities while having a nutritious meal. Volunteers in our dining room provide a friendly face and a kind word while serving the meals. This interaction is often the brightest spot of some of our customers’ day.


Medical Transportation

The Cass County COA provides transport to and from any out-of-county medical appointment. As a transport driver, you have a chance to help a neighbor in need.  Time spent in the car one-on-one with someone burdened by medical issues is a great gift you can give. Mileage is reimbursed.


Handy Helpers

If you are handy with a hammer and nail, or if you would like to know more about building something, this may be the volunteer opportunity for you. Handy Helpers builds wheelchair ramps for those who are homebound. Volunteers also install assistive devices such as smoke alarms and grab bars.


Meals on Wheels

A rewarding volunteer activity is delivering meals to those in our community who need a daily meal. Be a member of a team of drivers who provide more than just a meal—you deliver a smile and personal contact with someone who eagerly awaits your arrival. Mileage is reimbursed.


Adult Day Service (ADS)

The home-like atmosphere of COA’s Adult Day Service (ADS) provides a safe and friendly environment for people dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, other forms of dementia, or a debilitating issue. Helping in our ADS provides the families of those we serve much-needed respite from the stressful job of caregiving. Additionally, you have the satisfaction of helping others have their best day possible.


Community Volunteers

Many older Cass County residents have difficulty doing standard annual home maintenance such as gutter cleaning, yard raking, and smoke detector checks. If you are an open-hearted person who enjoys helping others this may be the volunteer opportunity for you.  


Sign up online to be a volunteer.  Log your volunteer time online.



Please join us and make the most of your time and talents. For more information, contact: Danielle Dilts at danielled@casscoa.org or call at (269) 445-8110

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