With so many opinions and fitness fads floating around today, it can be hard to know what to do. Some recommend extreme diets and exercise routines. But is that all really necessary to stay healthy? Simply put, no. So what is an easy and effective way to stay healthy?


Walking has been proven to provide many health benefits. Making walking part of your daily exercise routine strengthens your heart and reduces your risk of coronary heart disease. Walking for just 15 minutes after a meal has also been shown to reduce blood sugar levels. Not only does walking relieve arthritis pain, walking 5 to 6 miles a week can even help prevent the disease.


Walking is a fairly inexpensive form of exercise, with the only equipment required being a good sturdy pair of walking shoes. You can walk near your home, or even seek out a nearby scenic trail. Here at the COA in Cassopolis, we have a wonderful completely paved walking trail that can be utilized when the weather cooperates. Walking can even be incorporated into your daily routine by parking your car further away from the building than usual anytime you go out. If possible, you may even consider walking instead of driving when running errands.


No matter your age, walking is a beneficial form of exercise for all. Nothing drastic is required, and it can be quite enjoyable. So the next time someone tells you to go take a hike, you’ll recognize it as them expressing their care and concern for you and your wellbeing.



Taylor Lee, Certified COA Fitness Trainer