Home Repair / Handicap Ramps

We’ve made ramps for people that have had a lot of difficulty getting out of a house. Now, they can either use a walker or wheelchair can get in and out very easily. I think it makes a big difference in their life and their quality of life.
- from a Handy Helper volunteer

Are you a homeowner 60 years or older in need of safety repairs around the house?

Call the COA’s Handy Helpers. They assist older adults with handicap ramp installation, and small repairs such as installing grab bars or hand rails in your own home.


The volunteers from the COA’s Handy Helpers program build wheelchair ramps to provide access and safety for Cass County seniors and their families.  The Handy Helpers also help older adults with minor home maintenance and repairs (like installing grab bars or hand rails) so that seniors can stay safe in their homes.


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If you would like more about the Handy Helpers program, please contact the Cass County COA at (269) 445-8110