Eddie Mose received his draft notice in 1965, but volunteered to join the Navy before his draft date. His military career began in January of 1966 when he arrived at boot camp at the Great Lakes Naval Station in Illinois. Eddie remembers this day being the coldest day he had ever seen in his life. He was the oldest recruit at just 21 years old; most were barely out of high school and just 18 years old.


After basic training, Eddie was sent to a school to learn more about naval ships, and with this education he quickly earned the rank of E5 Second Class Machinist’s Mate within 2 years. Eddie worked as a Reserve trainer for the Navy in California and eventually was sent to Vietnam where he spent 8 months on a ship in the ocean.


After serving 4 years in the Navy, Eddie looks back fondly on his military career. He believes it truly shaped him into the man he is today. He entered the Navy a quiet, shy young man and credits the military for opening his world. He is happy to have traveled to Hong Kong, Hawaii, the Philippines, as well as much of the west coast while serving his country.


Eddie resides in Cassopolis and is an active member of the local VFW Post 10704. He is proud to serve as part of the Honor Guard, conducting Military Funeral Honors for Veterans who have served in the active military.


Eddie is just one of many local Veterans of Cass County. The Cass County COA recognizes, honors, and thanks all Veterans, as well as those currently serving, for their service.