Peg Cook and her daughter, Annette Ilowiecki

Walking through the doors of the Cass County COA was a lifechanging event for Peg Cook and her daughter, Annette Ilowiecki. Their shared passion for creative writing found a home with the Stormy Night Writer’s Society, a group that meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month at the Lowe Center. This group of writers provides support and inspiration to each other, often leading to successful publication of their stories and poems.


Peg and Annette’s self-published book Don’t They Just Set You To Dreaming? is a tribute to the wild Chincoteague ponies. It is just one example of what can happen when people encourage each other to turn their ideas into something tangible. The two plan to continue to write and publish books that will bring a delightful or thought-provoking experience to their readers.


If you are interested in joining the writing group or purchasing Peg and Annette’s book, simply stop by the COA Lowe Center.

COA Staff