About 4 months ago, a man by the name of Bill came into Front Street Crossing. He was recovering from a stroke and was about to finish rehab. At first he was only able to walk from one light pole to the next and then went home exhausted. His left side had been affected by the stroke, but there was no visible paralysis besides a slight limp. He needed one on one help with his recovery.


Over the next two or three months, I worked with him on all of our fitness machines. His drive was amazing and his will to recover was nothing short of a miracle. He spoke of a friend that also had a stroke and did nothing but sit in his chair, which resulted in being unable to do nothing more than just that. Bill on the other hand was getting stronger with each passing day. Those same light poles that were so difficult to reach before were now just a thing to count as he passed them.


I helped him use the treadmill, bike, and many of the weight machines. Anytime I would notice him favoring one arm or leg over the other, I would be sure to point it out to him. Not only was I there to instruct, but also to encourage and to praise him for how far he had come. Sometimes it isn’t always just the equipment that helps; a kind word can really go a long way.


So I might have helped Bill, but he also helped me become a more compassionate person. A stroke does not have to be the end of your life, but it does take a lot of hard work, faith, and love to improve. It is only the moment when we give up that we fail. Bill said if he had to rate his recovery from 1 to 10, he would be at 7. I would rate him at a 10 for his hard work and determination.


It can be a knee, hip replacement, or a stroke that takes you down, but you don’t have to stay down. With hard work and determination, you can recover. I am blessed to have met so many amazing people like Bill at Front Street Crossing and can’t wait for others to instruct and learn from, maybe even you.


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Trish Proctor-Mccann | Certified COA Fitness Trainer