Hot Breakfast at the COA

The COA is now serving hot breakfast.  Kick your morning off right with some great breakfast options.  Bring your coffee clutch group to either COA location and enjoy a delicious hot breakfast and conversation with friends and neighbors! (learn more)



“Whether” we like it or not, winter is here. With the possibility of bad weather in the near future, we would like to remind everyone about the COA’s inclement weather policy.


Any announcements of the COA’s closure will be made on the COA website, on our Facebook page, and on local television stations.  If you own a smartphone, you can download the WNDU app and sign up to receive a notification for whenever the COA closes.



Meals on Wheels customers receive emergency meals during the winter season to be used in case of closing. In the event of a weather closure lasting more than one day, arrangements will be made and customers will be contacted.


We close for your protection, but if you do decide to venture out on the roads we want you to stay safe.




COA Staff