Are you stuck in a rut, tired, or bored with your current routine? Well, have no fear because summer is here!


This is a great time to try something new whether it is a new exercise, new machine, or even a new class. By cross training you help the body stay functional and flexible, allowing different muscles to be used and preventing overuse of a particular muscle group.


Yes it can be challenging to try new things, but the more you do something, the simpler it will become. To make it even easier on you, the first time that you visit the Fitness Center or attend a class, it’s on us with no commitment.


Don’t like being in the Fitness Center, that’s o.k. because we have other great ways to keep you moving such as Line Dancing, our paved Walking Trail, as well as other great activities.


The key to your success is to try and that is why during the month of July the Fitness Center is introducing a “Try Something New Challenge.” Every time you try a new activity your name will be entered into a weekly drawing for a $6 breakfast or lunch voucher. So what are you waiting for, come on in and give it a try!


If you are interested in trying out all of our fitness options (excluding yoga) for one great price, be sure to check out our Summer Fitness Special



Ky’Sha Mitchell, Certified COA Fitness Trainer