Breast health care is important! As seniors age, many medical conditions can surface including cancer. Statistics report seniors 65 years or older account for 60% of newly diagnosed cancers. Cancer screenings for seniors is vital because it offers early findings as well as detects cancer before there are any noticeable symptoms. When cancer is detected early, more treatment options are available.


To ensure seniors remain as healthy as possible, preventative measures such as monthly self breast exams, regular cancer screenings, routine physical examinations, and blood work as recommended by their doctors can minimize significant health crisis.


The following health care organizations provide breast health care:


Spectrum Health Lakeland

They offer a Compassion Card program that provides low-income families free mammograms all year round. Mammograms for seniors 65 years or older with Medicaid and/or Medicare are covered 100%. You can make an appointment at Spectrum Health Lakeland by calling (269) 556-7168.


Ascension Borgess Lee

Their Tree of Love program provides funding for free diagnostic and screening mammography, along with breast health services, to uninsured and low income women and men living in Michigan. You can go to any Borgess location that provides mammography services. Please call (269) 226-5002 to schedule a free mammogram. You can also visit treeoflove.borgess. com to find out more or to make a donation.



Michelle Lofton, Case Manager