Burpees / Up Down Fitness Challenge

Burpees are important exercises because the are a full-body exercise that engages all major muscle groups. They improve strength, cardiovascular function, aerobic fitness, and even blood sugar retention. They also help functional movement involved with everyday activities.


The COA Fitness Center runs fitness challenges sporadically throughout the year as a way to motivate people and to also try something new in their fitness routine. With the Fitness Center not being able to open at this time, we thought we would try an at home fitness challenge. August’s challenge is called “Up Down.” The only requirement is for you to bend down and touch the ground and then fully extend your body with your arms reaching up to the sky.


Download the Up & Down Fitness Challenge tracking sheet at:  https://www.casscoa.org/sites/default/files/UpDownFitnessChallenge.pdf



Joy Shreve
Taylor Lee
Ky'sha Mitchell