Friends gathered together in July to celebrate the centennial birthday of Betty Rutz.


As a lifelong dancer, Betty loves to participate in Line Dancing at the COA every Tuesday. Growing up in Benton Harbor, Betty took ballet classes and then transitioned to toe dancing and ballroom dancing, all which fueled her passion for dance.


It is this love of dance and music that she believes is the secret to old age. Not only is dance keeping her full of life, the many friendships she has made throughout her years attending the COA also contribute to her young at heart spunkiness.


Growing up as an only child, Betty discovered 9 years ago that she had a half-brother living only 15 minutes away. Since then, she has been introduced to her two living half-sisters and to a whole new set of extended family members.


Betty was happily married for 70 years and has two children, two grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.


Happy Birthday Betty, we all hope to be as lively and vivacious as you!

COA Staff