Vaccine Update from the Health Department...

COVID-19 Vaccine supply is currently very limited. Given the high demand and low supply, vaccines are not available for everyone yet.  Complete this form and the Heath Department will notify you when they are able to schedule you for COVID-19 vaccination.   (Learn More)



Coronavirus Update at the COA...

Some programs are open and some are still on-hold. Click here to see what programs and activities have reopened.

Click here to learn how you can still get nutritious meals during Coronavirus


With the high COVID positivity rate for Cass County (15%) and high number of new cases per day (about 29/day), the Cass County COA has made a difficult decision to continue the suspension of some of its activities through the end of January 2021. 


Over the last few weeks, we have seen COVID outbreaks at a number of places around the county.  As much as we believe that social interaction is needed for seniors, our priorities need to be safety and making sure we can continue our other needed services like Meals on Wheels, Homecare and ADS.


The following services will continue as normal:


Starting in February, we will add programs with one-on-one appointments, including

  • Foot Clinic
  • Hearing Clinic
  • Legal Clinic
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Drug Drop


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