Stair Safety Tips for Seniors

Once you start having trouble using stairs, it seems like you encounter them everywhere you go. They’re fairly easy to sidestep in public buildings where elevators are an option, but they’re a lot harder to avoid in your own home. Unfortunately falls are the top cause of injury for seniors, so... (read more)



Getting Calls from Social Security Administration

Getting Calls from Social Security Administration? Probably not. At least, not from the real SSA. But how many of you have gotten calls from someone who said they were the Social Security Administration? And maybe showed the real SSA phone number (1-800-772-1213) or a number close to it on your... (read more)



Worry Free Travel this Summer

No matter where your excursions take you, these tips will help keep you safe so that you can enjoy your summer travels with your family and friends. Check for travel advisories. Before you make any international travel plans, do some homework on the country you plan to visit. Never board a plane... (read more)



The Key to Great Sleep is Exercise

When you’re taking care of yourself and exercising regularly, you will likely notice that you’re not only feeling better during the day, but sleeping better at night too. Exercise can provide excellent benefits for your sleep. Don’t take my word for it; there is scientific evidence that exercise... (read more)



Keys to Avoiding Home Rental Scams

Thinking about renting a house instead of buying? Not all home rental listings are legit, so here are some tipoffs and tools to help you avoid a rental scam.   According to National Rental Home Council (NRHC) members, who are owners of rental homes, scammers use a variety of tactics to get people’s... (read more)



What’s All the Buzz About?

It’s that time of year when you notice bees out and about. These bees can be a nuisance to us but we fail to appreciate them for their hard work.   The third Saturday in August celebrates National Honey Bee Day. Did you know bees have to travel about 55,000 miles to produce 1 pound of honey? To... (read more)



Make It Count

When it comes to personal fitness routines, many feel that something is better than nothing. Then there are those who take improving their health and wellbeing very seriously and stick to a routine. In either case, it can be very discouraging not to see the desired results from your fitness routine... (read more)




Look into their Eyes

Have you ever noticed an animal with two different colored eyes? This is pretty common in cats as about 60% have this condition but less common in dogs with only about 4%. Animals aren’t the only ones with two different eye colors; humans can have it as well. Just over 1% of Americans have two... (read more)




Nowadays, you can encounter a scam artist just about anywhere — online, over the phone and even at your door. Here are a few ruses that might come a-knocking, and tips to avoid getting taken. Home Repair Scams Someone offers to do yardwork or make repairs in or around your home. You want to save... (read more)



Grand Festival Brings Summer Fun

The Grand Festival returns to the Cass County COA Friday, July 12, starting at 2 p.m. This free family-friendly event for grandparents and grandchildren features activities, entertainment, and a cookout dinner. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Fun begins at 2 p.m. with games, crafts,... (read more)