Run and hide, winter is just around the corner. Unfortunately not all of us are able to escape from the cold winter months, but don’t worry, we are here to help you get through them.


The winter months can take a toll on older adults, especially on those living in rural Cass County. When the weather gets worse, the need for home delivered meals is on the rise. It is extremely difficult to find volunteers willing to help deliver these meals, especially when you add some snow and slick conditions to the mix.


Currently, we have a very short-staffed volunteer team. Throw in a pandemic along with our snowbird volunteers, and that makes for fewer people delivering to more recipients in the winter.


So what exactly does delivering for Meals on Wheels entail? Volunteers have a set schedule to drive one day per week on the same route. This helps you familiarize yourself with the people you deliver to as well as make them familiar with you. When you arrive, you coordinate with our professional kitchen staff to see if there are any changes or special instructions. Now here is where the magic happens. As a volunteer, you get to make someone’s day and put a smile on their face because for some, you could be the only person they interact with for the entire day.


If you would be interested in being a warm heart on our volunteer team, even for a few months, please reach out to the COA and ask for Danielle Dilts at (269) 445-8110 ext. 264. This could be your opportunity to make winter a little less cold.



Danielle Dilts, Human Resources Manager