Do you enjoy learning? How about teaching? If you answered yes to these questions, we need you! We are currently looking for individuals who have a passion for something and would like to share their knowledge with others. The COA currently offers a variety of classes and games but we want to expand on those.


Recently, we have received a lot of feedback from guests looking to attend new games or classes. We would love the opportunity to grow our activities, but we need your help to achieve it. If you were to take on this role, you would become part of the COA family and would also have the opportunity to give back to the community by helping expand its knowledge.


Are you teetering on the fence trying to decide if you should teach others all those skills and talents you possess? Well, there just so happens to be a special day in October dedicated to helping you with this decision called National Kick Butt Day. Yes, you heard me correctly. The second Monday of October is reserved for kicking yourself in the derriere, forcing you to take action on goals not achieved, committed actions not taken, promises not kept, excuses, and difficulties not overcome. So whatever you have been waiting for to do, this is the day to take action. It could be starting that new fitness plan, making new friends, or volunteering at the COA.


If that kick pushed you to teach, our activities can be weekly, monthly, a series of classes, or a single class. Flexibility is our name and having fun is our game. Don’t let your talents and abilities stay hidden. Reach out to the COA and turn them into fun for you and your neighbors.



Danielle Dilts | Human Resources Manager