Last Wednesday, Michael Faunce thought something smelled funny.


The Meals on Wheels worker was delivering a meal to a client in Dowagiac with work partner Cindy Polomcak when he smelled what he thought was natural gas after the client opened the door.


The actions Faunce and Polomcak took following may have saved the life of a Cass County resident.


Natural gas is odorless but the chemical mercaptan is added to give it rotten eggs or hydrogen sulfide-like odor for easy detection, which is what Faunce smelled when he visited his client last week.


“He turned and yelled to me,” said Polomcak, who was behind the wheel at the time. “My heart dropped, and he asked me to come over to the door.”


Polomcak smelled it too and immediately called Lori Hardy, chief of care services at the Cass County Council on Aging and Polomcak’s supervisor, who then instructed the pair to call 911.


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Max Harden, Leader Publications